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Help Your Cat Stay Hydrated with Hydra Care

Cats face many challenges when drinking water—and this can easily lead to dehydration. This is especially concerning for
cats because water helps decrease the likelihood of urinary stones, helps the kidneys flush out toxins, and more.

Meet the Third Bowl

Hydra Care is a breakthrough nutrient-enriched water that promotes healthy hydration in cats. No prescription needed for purchase.
With an easy-to-feed pouch and an enticing liver flavor, simply pour it in a third bowl and let your cat enjoy!

Backed by Research

Hydra Care is more than a flavored drink—it helps cats consume more liquid* and even absorb more water into their cells.
In a Purina study, cats drinking Hydra Care consumed on average 50% more liquid each day.*

*Compared to cats consuming only water in addition to dry feeding. Cats must consume at least 2 oz per 5 lbs. of bodyweight daily for benefit.

Could Your Cat Be Dehydrated?

Your veterinarian can tell you if your cat is dehydrated, but common signs include loss of appetite, dry gums and a decrease in skin elasticity.

A Hydrated Cat is a Happy Cat

“We are advocates for the well-being of all felines, so products that promote the health of our cats & YOURS, means A LOT to us.
Hydration can often be an overlooked issue by cat owners, as many people don’t know cats are actually inefficient at lapping fluids & have poor eyesight
when it comes to visualizing liquid in a bowl. Dehydration can (and often does) occur in a high percentage of house cats! A hydrated cat is a happy cat.”- Kelly Foster Kittens

Hear from the Experts

"Cats are notoriously poor drinkers for a variety of reasons including physiological and environmental factors. Wet food, while higher in water content than kibble,
isn’t practical for every cat. This highlights the opportunity to provide a hydration strategy, like Hydra Care, that goes beyond the standard recommendation to
‘keep plenty of fresh water available.’” – Dr. Jason Gagne, DVM, DACVN

Great product!

“My cat seemed really lethargic and wasn't drinking from her bowl. So, I used Hydra Care and she drinks a
pouch every day. She seems to feel a lot better and have more energy.” - Christine1965