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Purina Pro Plan Vet Direct

Help Your Dog Feel Calm

Let your dog try Calming Care, a canine probiotic supplement that helps dogs maintain calm behavior.

Is Your Dog Displaying Anxious Behaviors?

Backed by Science

In a Purina study, 90% of dogs showed an improvement in
displaying anxious behaviors such as excessive vocalization,
jumping, pacing and spinning.*

Calming Care contains the probiotic strain
Bifidobacterium longum BL999, which is safe for dogs.



Helps Dogs Cope with External Stressors

Use One Packet Per Day

like separation, unfamiliar visitors, novel sounds,
or changes in routine and location.
Calming Care may take up to six weeks for full effect.
No prescription needed.



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Calming Care is also available through your veterinarian, online retailers, and select pet specialty stores.

* McGowan, R. T. S. (2016). “Oiling the brain” or “Cultivating the gut”: Impact of diet on anxious behavior in dogs. Proceedings of the Nestlé Purina Companion Animal Nutrition Summit, March 31-April 2, Florida, 91-97.