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Product Information

How It Works

Do you want to tell your veterinary professional colleagues about the benefits of the Purina for Professionals program? It’s easy to do!

Use our Refer a Colleague page to send your professional friends an email with a link to enroll in the program and enjoy the same P4P benefits you enjoy. You can send up to five referrals simultaneously.

How to Refer a Colleague

1.  Enter your colleagues’ names, email addresses and professional titles into the form on the refer a colleague page.

2.  Text entered into the “What do you want to tell your colleagues” field will be included in the body of the referral email to your colleagues. 

3.  Send your referrals by clicking the “Submit” button.

4.  Your colleagues will receive an email with the subject line “Your Colleague [Your Name] Wants You To Know About
     Purina For Professionals”. The email will contain the following message and a website link that will allow your colleagues
     to enroll in Purina for Professionals:

       Your colleague, [Your Name], thought you would be interested in joining Purina for Professionals, the online
       feeding program for veterinary professionals.

       Applying for the program only takes a few minutes and gives you access to professional pricing on Purina Pro Plan
       and Purina Veterinary Diets that are delivered to your home.
       Enjoy feeding your pets the balanced nutrition of Purina diets, apply today!

5.  You will receive an email notification when a colleague you referred enrolls in the program.

Do you have questions about referring a colleague? Contact us via email or at 1-888-777-1762.