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Purina Acquires Petfinder

Purina Supports the Frank Attla Youth Program for At-Risk Teens in Rural Alaska

Purina provides financial and food support to the Frank Attla Youth Program, which benefits at-risk students in Rural Alaska. Their story exemplifies how our lives are #BetterWithPets. 

Rural Alaska is a land of extremes. The environment is harsh — and an influx of crippling social issues within some small rural, Alaskan communities doesn't make things any easier. The Frank Attla Youth & Dog Care Program is helping make life better. By pairing at-risk youth with working dogs in rural communities, this remarkable program has managed to alleviate some damaging social problems. Through curriculum, training and hard work, students reignite a passion for their heritage and learn many valuable life skills in the process, all while bonding with working dogs. The program has helped decrease social issues such as violence, drug use, and teen pregnancy and is credited with improving the emotional wellness of students. By pairing dogs and teens, this remarkable program has done an amazing job making this beautiful community even more vibrant.