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Purina Acquires Petfinder

Introducing Purina® Pro Plan® BRIGHT MIND™ Adult 7+

Breakthrough Nutritional Innovation for Senior Dogs

Our pets are living longer due to innovations in veterinary medicine, science and nutrition. Although about 44% of dogs in the United States are considered senior (7+ years old),* dog foods on the market today do not address many concerns of senior dog owners, such as lower engagement in daily activities or decreased personal interactions from their pet. Inspired by its belief that people and pets are better together, Purina set out to change that. Applying its nutritional expertise, innovative science, vast research and resources, Purina developed a diet to help address these concerns and more. That diet is Purina® Pro Plan® BRIGHT MIND™ Adult 7+.**

Over time, changes in a dog’s glucose metabolism in the brain can affect memory, learning, awareness and decision-making.*** Purina discovered that Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), derived from botanical oils, such as coconut oil, can be used as an additional energy source for neurons. Researchers at Purina conducted a study exploring cognitive function in 24 beagles aged 7-11 years. One group was fed a high quality commercial diet as a control; the other group was fed a comparable diet that contained 5.5% MCTs. The groups were randomized based on gender and baseline cognitive skills.

The groups were challenged at various times over an eight-month period with a number of tests evaluating learning ability, attention and spatial awareness. Dogs fed the diet with MCTs showed significantly better performance on most tests throughout the testing period than those fed the control diet. These results supported the hypothesis that MCTs provide an alternative fuel source for the brain and improve cognitive function.****

This nutritional breakthrough led to the formulation of Purina® Pro Plan® BRIGHT MIND™ Adult 7+. BRIGHT MIND™ formulas are made with high-quality protein, including chicken as the first ingredient, and enhanced botanical oils shown to promote alertness and mental sharpness in dogs 7+ within 30 days. Each formula also contains EPA, an omega-3 fatty acid, and glucosamine to help support joint health and mobility. Visit www.BrightMindEffect.com to discover more.

* Nielsen Homescan Tell Dog Survey 2013 / Nielsen Panel, 52 wk end 7/19/14
** Purina consumer focus groups (Jan 2014)
*** Neurobiology of Aging, 4:121-126, 1983
**** Pan et al. British Journal of Nutrition (2010), 103, 1746–1754


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